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If you are looking for the best e-marketing companies to be your official partner for success, you are in the right place. Let me take you on a fun tour to know our work system and see some of our great works. But before that, I would like you to know us and our vision in detail.


About Us

Green Media is a company that specialized in providing all Modern E-marketing services across the Middle East under the supervision of specialized staff with experience and efficiency. We use the latest e-marketing tools to build a successful and modern brand and help medium and large businesses achieve marketing and profitability goals.

Our Vision

To create a long-term real, and successful partnership with our clients and continuously improve the service level provided. To be among the best e-marketing companies in the Middle East by keeping up with modern e-marketing tools and techniques.

How Start Our Tour Services

Follow Your Target

  1. Marketing Plan

    Our specialized team will analyze and study your project and conduct extensive research related to your target market and competitors. We devise and implement a marketing plan based on scientific strategies and foundations to build a suitable brand for the target audience. Using the latest marketing methods, we contribute to achieving spread and increasing sales in the long term.

  2. Account Management

    We implement the marketing plan on selected platforms through an integrated work system. It is done according to your target audience's geographical location and demographics. Through our account management services, we ensure to achieve the best results according to the needs and requirements of our partners

  3. Logo Design

    Logo design and branding are what make a business stand out. We guarantee a professional design of the best quality to build a distinctive brand. We focus on highlighting the professional image of the business project and forming an impactful first impression on the target audience.

  4. Content Creation

    Creating textual and visual content is the most powerful tool in the field of e-marketing. Compelling content is the basis of every successful digital marketing campaign. It aims to raise awareness of the brand among the public while building trust and gaining customer loyalty. Our content creation team ensures that to achieve tangible returns from your social media investment.

  5. Graphic Design

    We work to embody content and marketing ideas through our modern and attractive designs. Using our innovative techniques, we create a visual identity that reflects your brand personality and resonates with your target audience with clarity and creativity.

  6. Motion Graphic

    Motion graphics is the latest e-marketing tool that contributes to increasing brand awareness and spreading it in a sophisticated and creative manner. The script is written keeping in view the marketing objectives. It is then transformed into graphics and animated elements that effectively communicate ideas to the target audience for desired results.

  7. Media Production

    Our Media Production services range from animation, photography, and video production to advanced motion graphics, the creation of commercial and social media videos, and professional retouching. We aim to create countless stories through the eyes of the customers. Our in-house team uses the most advanced and latest gears and software tools to ensure the best result, both from the technical and creative sides.

  8. Campaign Management

    Successful campaign management is the fastest and most cost-effective marketing tool that spreads your brand to the right audience at the right time. Our dedicated and independent team within the company works on studying and analyzing the audience and managing campaigns to achieve the best marketing results at the lowest possible cost.

  9. Measurement Tools

    The success of marketing campaigns could be simply seen in an increase in sales or revenue. As an e-marketing service provider, we measure several campaign metrics using advanced measurement tools to gauge success. Detailed analysis of all metrics helps us prepare weekly and monthly reports and select the best KPIs for each platform. Using measurement tools helps clients develop confidence in the marketing plans and contributes to the success of the company.

    Weekly Analysis Reports

    Credibility and transparency are the basis of every continuous and successful partnership. We submit weekly and monthly reports to our partners to offer them regular insights into the results of advertising campaigns. It lets them know everything that is being done throughout the marketing efforts.

    Key Performance Indicators

    It is impossible to evaluate any marketing plan without having metrics that help comprehend the extent of the monthly improvement. We carefully define KPIs for each project and, based on their results, continuously optimize marketing plans and strategies for better ROI.

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